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New Rx Vs. Repeat Rx.

New Rx


1. Search for your drug
2. Add to your Cart
3. Check out as a Registered User or a Guest User
4. Fill out your details
5. Scan and email or text your prescription



Email, Fax or Text a copy of your prescription(s). Sending the scan will allow your order to continue processing.

Scan or use your camera (smartphone) to take a clear picture of your original prescriptions, then email, Fax or text the picture in full quality to:

Subject:     Prescription(s) for (type your name)
Fax:            1-800-387-3997


6. Complete purchase.
It's easy to follow on the Brand Name Pharmacy website as you are checking out.


Repeat Rx


1. If you are a Registered User , you can let us know what medication is required and if you have repeats we can send you the medication.

2. If you are not a Registered User but a Guest User and require a repeat, you will have to send us the prescription again even though you may of had repeats.