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To change your password follow the steps:

1. Login into "My Account",
2. Select the "Change Password" tab in My Account
3. Select ‘Change Password’ and complete the form

Keep in mind that your new password should satisfy following conditions: Have at least 6 characters Include at least one lower case letter Include at least one upper case letter Include at least one number.
Making a payment is really quick and easy on our website and can be done 24/7. You can pay by either a credit or a debit card and your payment will show on your Order Details. We will send you an email when your payment is successful.
Yes we do. Just like your local pharmacy, we require valid prescriptions written by your physician to dispense any medication you want to order from our pharmacy..
We can send you a maximum 3-month supply of each medication you wish to order. If your prescription allows refills, we will keep your prescription on file for you as long as your physician has allowed for refills.
AT LEAST 3 weeks (21 days) before your current supply ending, you can call us toll-free ,1-800-387-3997 or you can place you refill order online. Make sure you have a list of your medications ready when placing your order. If your payment method or shipping address changed since last order, please let us know. We can fill new prescriptions with refill orders as long as you arrange to mail your new prescriptions to process everything at once.
Sometimes, your order can be delayed for these reasons:
• We are missing or waiting for prescriptions We require valid prescriptions written by your physician to dispense the medications you wish to order.
• Your credit card information is incorrect Please make sure you notify us of any changes to our billing information.
• Your credit card was declined This is due to security features your credit card provider has for all potential charges made outside your country. If your charge is declined, you will be contacted with information on how to correct this problem.
• You are paying by Check or Money Order Additional time may be necessary to receive payment by mail and to clear your payment before the order is shipped. For faster billing, we recommend paying by Visa or MasterCard.
• Your prescriptions are difficult to read or unclear If information is not legible or is contrary to what your requesting us to order.We will contact you and your physician to clarify the order before it is processed further.
• The postal services are slow Especially at peak shipping seasons (ie. Christmas), orders could be delayed while en route to your address.
No. The medication that you purchase from Brand Name Pharmacy is the same brand name medication you would purchase from your local pharmacy.

However, due to licensing and copyright agreements in different countries of the world, sometimes drug manufacturers sell the exact same drug under different trade names in different countries, despite the fact that they are the same medication produced by the same drug manufacturer.
No, we do not sell or offer to ship narcotics and controlled substances. In many countries, Import custom laws and strict control over narcotics and controlled medications will not allow medications to enter their country from an outside supplier. We are also very strict in our policy to maintain our Brand Name Pharmacy safe from illegal distribution of any kind, especially from narcotics, opiates, control drugs and steroids.
Online pharmacies that advertise the sale of narcotics and controlled substances should be reported to the FDA.